Consultancy for asset managers


Maximising the opportunity

Product positioning

  • Helping fund managers assemble and articulate roadshow presentations
  • A unique selector and sales view of material and delivery

Manager presentation and strategy deep dive workshops

  • 360° assessment of astrategy, from top-management perspective to peer-group comparison
  • On-site visits, full in-depth analysis and product documentation review

Manager selection for white-labelled products

  • Leverage existing strengths, sales team and product structure
  • Helping to find appropriate international partners, with similar values and approach, in order to complete a product offering
Consultancy for private banks and family offices


Outsourced manager/fund selection

  • A-Z examination of current fund offerings in client portfolios – from checking existing documentation, verifying suitability and where necessary doing onsite due diligence visits
  • The aim is not to provide lists of funds, but assess strategies currently used and to suggest suitable value-added changes

Single asset or multi-asset class research

  • Expertise across all investment asset classes

Proprietary quantitative and qualitative process

  • Anglo-Swiss has many years of fund selection experience, utilising quantitative analysis to add value to its proven high-quality qualitative research capability
Consultancy and development for global pension markets


Dedicated manager research for pensions

  • Extensive experience in manager research for institutional investors – such as in the Dutch pension fund industry – enables Anglo-Swiss to provide valueadded manager selection for the pensions market

Match outstanding strategies to pension managers

  • Anglo-Swiss partners have a strong track record of matching appropriate managers for pension funds and can partner with boutiques and specialist asset managers
  • This approach aligns interests right down the value chain, meeting the objectives of institutional clients


Development for asset managers within Europe


Open access to European banking, family office and pensions markets

  • European markets are often complicated and expensive to enter, but Anglo-Swiss’ development expertise can help managers make an impact in this crucial market

Selected managers/funds

  • Applying a rigorous selection criteria, Anglo-Swiss will only distribute a limited number of managers to its European network

Targeted reach

  • Instead of complex and costly retail distribution, Anglo-Swiss targets high-level clientele, where
    product requirements are strongly established

 We are currently applying for a distribution licence in Switzerland