Business Development

Business Development

For the Global Pension Fund Market & Long-Term Savings Market


Approach – Listen & Develop

We work closely with our clients to develop a practical investment solution that we can effect for them. While our style is collaborative, we like to challenge ideas and finally tailor our Manager Selection to the needs of each individual client.

We follow a three-step approach, that is detailed below:

1. Information Gathering

We start our approach by understanding our client needs as well as current market trends and demand for different asset classes. Listening to our global contacts is key for us to be able to provide appropriate manager selection for Pension Funds. It is important for our clients to consider us as a Partner who can provide discerning advice on which Funds will fulfill existing needs.


2. Proprietary based Manager Selection

Thanks to our Partners long track record in Manager Selection, we are able to access “undiscovered” jewels. Aside from big players there are a large number of “specialists” who often manage billions of dollars in assets. We apply a rigorous quantitative and qualitative approach which allows us to identify and select on outstanding managers who have long-term track records. We usually tend to prefer entrepreneurial firms with a clear alignment of interest right along the investment value chain. Being rigorous also means that we need to be able to provide replacement solutions when needed. However we generally tend to concentrate our efforts on one single manager per asset-class that we cover.

3. Manager Visits

For each Wealth Manager client Anglo-Swiss Advisors will provide a fund or funds to answer their current and/or future needs. We will only present a fund where we are convinced that the Manager or Managers that we have selected is fit for purpose and thanks to the exclusive relationship that we have with them we will be able to bring them to our client’s offices to present their views face to face with our clients.

Ongoing Servicing is an important part of our DNA. We are available to respond to any day to day question or to find an answer if we are unable to provide one immediately. We will also visit our clients on a regular basis to both update them and to do performance reviews with them. At least annually we will visit our clients with either the Fund Manager or a Product Specialist on the Manager’s team.