Product positionning

Manager Presentation Challenge Workshop – The Selector’s view

Approach – assessment and direct feedback

We work side by side with our clients to develop a practical and actionable experience.

While our style is collaborative, we remain challenging and tailor each Manager Presentation Challenge to our client targets and needs.

We follow a three-step approach, that is detailed below:

1. Information Gathering

We ask for all available documents on the specific strategy that we will be working on, including the current marketing presentation that would normally be used during a potential investor meeting. Our aim is to get a good understanding of the strategy, the investment environment pertaining to that strategy and an overview of the management team plus all other information that we might find useful. We then need a few days to digest all the information before meeting our client’s team.

2. Manager Presentation Challenge Meeting

We normally prefer to hold this at your offices in order for the Manager to have “Home comfort bias”. We prefer to commence the meeting with the Manager delivering the presentation “as if it was for a new client”. We will then spend as much time as is needed to discuss in detail every slide and every sentence in order to avoid any miscommunication arising from the presentation. We then focus our attention on the messages that are actually being delivered vs the messages that the Manager wants to deliver. We always give immediate direct feedback in order to discuss it on the spot and not in some subsequent written report.

3. Summary Document

Anglo-Swiss Advisors will subsequently provide a short summary focusing on the key points and messages that were discussed during the meeting, but we will not provide any additional information in the summary.
The aim of this summary is as a reminder of all the points we discussed together BUT it is not meant as any sort of criticism or judgement.

Our principles

We are straight talking and deliver both clear thinking and insights to our clients across the globe.

To conduct appropriate Manager Presentation Challenge Workshop, we need a willingness to share data, access to key representatives/stakeholders, and an environment of trust and open dialogue.


Access to Internal Asset Management Data is key for us understand and position the existing Strategy. We need access to historical performance data and importantly who our clients feel are their peer group members and for each Strategy that we are tasked to work on. We also need to have access to detailed portfolio analysis, included risk and PM measures.


People access is key for us to work on the right objectives with the right people. More broadly, we need to have access to the portfolio manager or team, investment specialists (where they exist) sales professionals (including the Global Head and Regional Directors).


Before starting the process, we need to agree with our client the goals and any issues that should be covered by our work.