White Labelled Proposition

Partnering with the right people – White Labelled Range Proposition


We work closely with our clients to develop a practical investment solution that we can effect for them. While our style is collaborative, we like to challenge ideas and finally tailor our Manager Selection to the needs of each individual client.

We follow a six-step approach, that is detailed below:

1. Setting Coverage

This first step is the initial contact with the client talking about the Investment Strategies outsourcing project.  Tasks include exploring what the optimal coverage should be, possible overlap with internal capabilities, discussion about future internal Asset Management development in order that we have a clear view of the next 3 years landscape.


2. In depth analysis of Investment Strategies needed

This is where we precisely define every Investment Strategy in more details, approach, philosophy, portfolio management and risk characteristics but foremost we need to decide whether an external mandate search is needed or not. We can have a homogenous or heterogeneous approach, depending on the Client’s needs but also the business development team’s capital placing capabilities.

3. Potential Partnership identification

Anglo-Swiss Advisors will be able to provide 2-3 candidates that fit the Client’s requirements. We will present our preferred candidate but will provide pros and cons for all of them. A Due Diligence report (with quantitative and qualitative assessments) will be provided for every candidate in order to help make a final choice. A peer-group benchmarking analysis will also be provided. Every Manager that we propose will have been visited by us onsite prior to the proposal.

4. Selection

The Client is at this stage able to decide, based on multiple analyses, which future partnership is the best fit for them. Clients should realize that a 5-year time horizon is a typical minimum length for these types of agreements.

Anglo-Swiss Advisors will help the parties negotiate appropriate fees thanks to a deep knowledge of these types of arrangements. An in-depth Due Diligence Research document will be provided by us which will include key operational information. An onsite visit could also be organized for the Client.

5. Mandate initiation

It is envisaged that the new sub-fund or funds would be incorporated into existing Client SICAV (or other fund vehicle structure). Anglo-Swiss Advisors will actively help both parties in all negotiations, operational planning and will offer to chair all these types of meetings up until the new sub-fund is launched.

6. Follow-up

This would normally be determined by the Client, but we would suggest:

  1. Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly independent reporting
  2. Yearly reassessment
  3. Due Diligence update on a regular basis (12-18 months)