Manager Research & Fund Selection Review

Manager Research  &  Fund Selection Review

Approach – tailored to your needs

We work closely with our clients to develop practical solutions that we can effect for them. Once in place we can conduct ongoing fund reviews. While our style is collaborative, we like to challenge ideas and finally tailor our Manager Research to the needs of each individual client.

We follow a seven-step approach, that is detailed below:

1. Setting Coverage

This first step is the initial contact with the client talking about our joint Investment Strategies Outsourcing Project.  Tasks include exploring what the optimal coverage should be, possible overlap with internal capabilities, discussion about existing and future Managers or Funds proposed to investors who hold discretionary or advisory mandates with our client.

2. Determine the playground

The next crucial step is to determine two important criteria. the first is whether the client works or wants to work or even needs to work with a platform for deal placement, that then defines the universe of possibilities. The second is to decide what type of Asset Manager to select, Anglo-Swiss Advisors has access to a broad range of Asset Managers, based all over the world, from boutiques to big institutions.


3. In depth analysis of Investment Strategies needed

This is where we define every Investment Strategy precisely, approach, philosophy, portfolio management and risk characteristics but also revisit the existing selection to compare,contrast and then decide which makes more sense for our client. We can pursue either a homogenous or heterogeneous approach, depending on our Client’s needs but also clearly linked to the existing investments in their underlying client’s portfolios.


4. Select the appropriate research methodology

Anglo-Swiss Advisors then moves to a discussion with our client on whether a quantitative approach combined with a light touch qualitative approach is sufficient or if on-site Due Diligence visits are needed with each of the Asset Managers selected. It is important for us to understand our Client’s budget and to tailor our methodology to it.


5. Selection and Review

Having decided on the methodology and completed our research Anglo-Swiss Advisors will be able to provide appropriate documents in line with the approach selected. A research document will be provided, based on existing literature or tailored to our clients specific needs.


6. Commercial issues

Once selections have been made, if our Client does not use a platform to place deals he will need to come to an appropriate agreement with each of the Asset-Managers we have selected, we will of course assist our client in this if required. It is important to mention here that Anglo-Swiss Advisors would normally receive no remuneration from any of the Asset Managers selected, however if  due to other activities undertaken by our company this were to be the case we would not charge any research fees on that Manager.

7. Follow-up

Once the selections have been made, we would suggest  an ongoing service whereby we would follow every Manager and/or Fund selected but that decision would be for our Client to take.